Commission Price List

Fast sketch

(Up to 2hours) 10$


Rough simple picture

(Up to 5hours) 15-20$


Detailed simple picture

(Up to 12hours) 25-40$


Rough complex picture

(Up to 20hours) 50-75$


Detailed complex picture

(Up to 40hours) 100-150$


Terms of use

  • Prices depends on actual complexity of picture.
  • Listed prices apply if you order picture for non-commercial personal use.
  • If you want order picture for commercial purposes you need to purchase Commercial License in addition to picture, that will cost 75 to 100% of picture price.
  • If you want to license existing picture for commercial purposes, that will cost 50 to 200% of picture price. Licensing prices depends on purpose, number of copies and resolution you need.
  • Provided resolution is up to 3508 x 2480 (equal A4 300ppi). If you need bigger resolution listed prices scale accordingly to size enlargement.
  • If you decide to make changes or add elements of design (both not specified beforehand) to complete commissioned picture, you need to pay extra fee 4$ per hour of additional work.
  • Completion time: from a few days up to a month. It depends on the composition complexity and the level of detail. Please note that the time shown in the price list is an estimate of the total time that will be spent on commission. It may be divided into several non-consequent days. Thus it does not necessarily equal to completion time.
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