Commission Price List

Fast sketch

(Up to 2hours) 10$


Rough simple picture

(Up to 5hours) 15-20$


Detailed simple picture

(Up to 12hours) 25-40$


Rough complex picture

(Up to 20hours) 50-75$


Detailed complex picture

(Up to 40hours) 100-150$


Terms of use

  • Prices depends on actual complexity of picture.
  • Listed prices apply if you order picture for non-commercial personal use.
  • If you want order picture for commercial purposes you need to purchase Commercial License in addition to picture, that will cost 75 to 100% of picture price.
  • If you want to license existing picture for commercial purposes, that will cost 50 to 200% of picture price. Licensing prices depends on purpose, number of copies and resolution you need.
  • Provided resolution is up to 3508 x 2480 (equal A4 300ppi). If you need bigger resolution listed prices scale accordingly to size enlargement.
  • If you decide to make changes or add elements of design (both not specified beforehand) to complete commissioned picture, you need to pay extra fee 4$ per hour of additional work.
  • Lead time: from few days up to a month.
  • Contacts listed on Contacts page.