Darios [11.07.2011]

1h, photoshop

Gebrail [14.10.2011]

10h, photoshop

Ignisifer [03.10.2010]

12h, photoshop, remake

Recolor of old image made in 3D '99. Daemon of flames.

Christof [04.09.2007]

6h, photoshop

Nasgar [23.09.2007]

14h, photoshop

Noel [01.02.2010]

8h, photoshop

Rahab [detail] [26.02.2007]

4h, pencil, Photoshop

Valdar [05.10.2007]

8h, Photoshop

Bachtiyar [01.01.2008]

6h, Photoshop

Gone... (Never Come Back) (recolor) [11.02.2007]

18h, photoshop

This is recolor of my painting created digitally in 2005. In the same time I also made watercolour version of this image. Version of 2007 is overpanting of digital and watercolour mix.

Milk-white Vampire In Reds [20.08.2005]

10h, 3D, Photoshop

First variant of picture also made in green tone and named "Rahab".

Red Chaos [18.12.2006]

4h, Photoshop